announcement Covid19 SIP

We are open and seeing patients in a limited schedule while observing social distancing.  Many safety preparations are  now in place:  risk screenings, daily staff health checks, disinfection protocols, and safety ppe.  

Due to these unprecedented circumstances to enable the application of your vision  insurance,  we offer your annual exam as a package:

  1.  free Telehealth exam now ( download the Eyecarelive app) and an
  2.  in-person exam booked 4 months from now  
  3. you may order glasses (sterile frame selection) and / or  a 1 year supplies of contacts 

CRT lens patients should be seen every 6 months. However, if you prefer to avoid close contact during an exam, we can make exceptions. Please call us or email us office if you are in need of your yearly replacement lenses.


If you need to apply insurance, you must email or call us for this service.