contact lenses

During your regular eye exam, the overall health of your eyes is evaluated and tests are performed to get a prescription for glasses. If you are also interested in getting contact lenses or already wear contacts, a separate contact lens fitting or evaluation must be performed.
Most, if not all, vision insurance companies view contact lenses as “cosmetic/elective”, meaning that contact lenses are an optical choice over glasses. As a result, the contact lens exam portion is usually not covered by most vision insurances. Sometimes it would be just a copay and sometimes it would be a discount for the contact lens fitting portion. Feel free to contact us if you’d like us to look up your fees/benefits for contact lens services since it varies by each patient’s plan.
Because not all eyes are the same shape and size, special measurements are needed to fit contacts to your eye properly. The curvature of the eye will be measured and the front of your eyes will be examined for dryness or other factors that may influence the success of contact lens wear. There are new lens materials that are helpful for people with dry eyes.
If you are a new patient to our office, please bring your old contact lens prescription or old boxes (pictures are fine too) with your contact lens parameters.

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