We have a wide selection of boutique frames.

Come see our newest line from Garrett Leight

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Also New!    come try  Urban Arise frames from Hawaii   Light frames with a comfy and supportive, built in silicone nose pad.

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Virtually indestructible screwless stainless steel frames made in Germany. A great functional design with a sleek and fashionable style. Strong and lightweight with no screws/solder points to worry about!

From the original creators of Oliver Peoples, these frames are 100% handmade in Japan. It’s elegant and classic design makes it versatile when it comes to styling.

The world leader in Asian-fit eyewear. Originally created to fit Asian features, but also appealed to people of other ethnic backgrounds due to their universal styles.

New York designed eyewear brand with a minimalist aesthetic, offering one-piece titanium frames. These frames are handcrafted with great quality in Japan. Bevel frames are known for it’s gorgeous styles, flattering shapes and superior workmanship. 

We frequently update our eyewear options, with many exclusive brands offered: