shop local

Top 10 reasons to fill your Rx at Lee Optometrics:

  1. Local business owners live in the community and are more invested in our community’s future.
  2. Supporting a local business returns 3x more money to the local economy than money spent at a chain.
  3. Local businesses contribute to a community’s distinctive character.
  4. Our optometrists and opticians offer 25+ years of experience.
  5. We have the best prices and selection on luxury eyewear and the clearest digital lenses not available from online companies, with great second pair discounts!
  6. We offer high quality budget eyewear packages, plus we measure and fit your frame and lenses properly.
  7. Our opticians and optometrists provide personal frame styling and adjustments to ensure you look and feel (and see) great!
  8. We have the lowest prices available on contact lenses through UPP (unilateral pricing policy by CooperVision, Vistakon, and CIBA), often with free shipping.
  9. We offer free prescription rechecks for all ophthalmologist and Palo Alto Medical Foundation eyeglass prescriptions filled here.
  10. Providing the best fit and ensuring your optimal eye health is our priority!