High-Index 1.67 digital iQ single vision lenses with AR Coating (Super HiVision EX3 or Recharge EX3). 
Only $276 (Usual Fee $460)

  • Digital iQ lenses provide crisper “high-definition” vision and expanded clearer peripheral vision. High-index (1.67) lenses are thinner and lighter than regular plastic (CR-39) and polycarbonate lens material.
  • Super HiVision EX3 provides extreme scratch resistance, reflection protection, and clean vision. With twice the scratch resistance of most AR coatings and an improved hydrophobic layer resisting fingerprints, dirt and water. Super HiVision EX3 results in a durable lens with minimal glare.
  • We are exposed daily to excessive blue light via LED lights such as computers and phones. Blue light contributes to eye strain and headaches, has been found to disrupt sleep cycles, and may even increase risk of macular degeneration. Recharge EX3 and other blue blocking products will block from 40% or more of the  blue light from your computers and sunlight. 

Starting at $70 for single vision glasses, $105 for bifocals, and $195 for progressives.

This deal is not available online or through chain stores. Feel free to ask us for more info. Come in to take a look!

Your local optometrist in downtown Palo Alto.